Benefits of Holding Posts

Exclusive Replies

After buying a post, you will gain access to an exclusive replies section only visible to buyers and the creator who is the original author of the post. The creator and buyers may share exclusive info here.

Profit Sharing After Post Closes

Each post is only available to buy for 24 hours. From the 24th hour, an hourly countdown starts. Whenever there is a new buy, the countdown resets to 1 hour. If the countdown reaches 0, the post is closed and profit sharing is triggered. The countdowns and resets can continue up to a maximum of 7 days since listing, after which the post is automatically closed and profit sharing is triggered.

The profit sharing between all buyers of the post, the creator and the protocol follows the Profit Sharing Curve.

The profit sharing is automatic, you don't need to sell your shares.

More to Come

Other benefits are on their way.

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