Managing Your Wallet

Your EarlyFans Wallet

When you create an account, Privy will generate an embedded wallet for you on Blast.

For Wallet Settings, go to Profile and tap the lower right Wallet button.

Tap Deposit to view your wallet address.

Depositing to Your EarlyFans Wallet

EarlyFans runs on the Blast L2 network. Find Blast documentation here.

To add funds, send Ether (ETH) on Blast to the wallet address found in your wallet settings.

Note that EarlyFans is on Blast and will not recognize ERC20 tokens, NFTs or other assets on other chains.

Bridging to Blast

If this is your first time using Blast, you may need to bridge ETH to Blast first before depositing to your EarlyFans wallet.

For instructions on how to bridge to Blast, refer to Blast documentation here.

For lower gas fees when bridging, we recommend using Orbiter Finance.

Withdrawing from EarlyFans Wallet

Go to your Wallet Settings and click "Withdraw." Enter a Blast wallet address, the specific ETH amount to send, and click "Submit".

Exporting Your Private Key

You are able to export your embedded wallet's private key through the EarlyFans app.

Head to your Wallet Settings and click "Export Wallet".

Follow instructions displayed to export your EarlyFans wallet to a wallet of your choice. You will then be able to use the same wallet address in both EarlyFans and the other wallet.

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