Blast Points and Gold

Blast Points

EarlyFans distributes 100% of Blast Points to users on an hourly basis.

Your funds in pools continuously earn Blast Points and are 100% distributed to you. You can check your Blast Points earned in the Bag tab.

The ETH in your EarlyFans embedded wallet earns Blast Points like a regular wallet and follow the same rules from Blast here. You can always export the private key of your EarlyFans wallet, and import to your everyday wallet to check your points on the Blast website.

Blast Gold

EarlyFans will distribute 100% of Blast Gold received to users.

As a winner of the runner up prize from the Blast Big Bang competition, EarlyFans has received 19,355 Blast Gold from the 1st Blast Gold Distribution, and 73,327 from the 2nd Blast Gold Distribution.

The specific distribution method for users will be announced later. In the meantime, you should just use EarlyFans as a normal user.

Blast Points and Gold Delegation

For users who want to see their Blast Points and Gold in their everyday wallet on Blast website, we made it easy by allowing you to delegate the points and gold earned to a wallet address of your choice. You can do this by heading to the Bag tab, and tap Delegate. Note that the ETH in your Privy wallet sits in an EOA wallet, it is earning Blast Points as a regular EOA wallet which cannot be delegated, you'll need to export private key to your everyday wallet to check on Blast website. Your ETH in pools are in the EarlyFans smart contract and will continue to earn Blast Points, by delegating a wallet, Points earned from pools will go to your delegated wallet.

Note that the Blast Points and Gold earned before you delegated another wallet will remain with the embedded Privy wallet and cannot be transferred.

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